Car Insurance

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Contact The HCF Expert Centre™ to get a car insurance quote.



Mandatory Coverages

Third party liability, accident benefits, and uninsured motorist coverage are the minimum requirement to legally drive on the road in Ontario.


Enhanced Coverages

Ensure physical damage to your vehicle is covered through either collision, comprehensive or all perils coverage.


Additional Coverages

We've got you covered with accident protection, waiver of depreciation, and loss of use coverage.

Not Your Average Insurance Brokers

Our brokers work with Ontario's leading insurance providers giving you access to some of the most competitive insurance rates on the market.

Our simplified application process allows you to apply for and bind coverages directly over the phone/electronically. 

Stay up to date with the status of your application through our Online Portal. You can also use it to access your policy documents and insurance certificates anytime.

We ensure you will be able to speak directly with your insurance broker if needed. You will have their mobile number and email address. For easier communication, you can message us directly through the online portal.

It does not cost anything extra to use the services of an Ontario insurance broker. Our brokers are completely transparent and encourage you to ask them about their remuneration.

Our brokers assess your individual needs prior to quoting. This ensures you are always fully protected while saving money by not paying for additional coverages you do not need.

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