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Our fixed fees are the same regardless of the price of your home and include all disbursements and searches. If non-standard fee’s apply to your closing you will be notified prior to. 

Our simplified closing process is designed to get things done fast & efficiently, making the closing of your home a seamless process.

You can use our Closing Portal to see changes to your file as they happen in real time. You can also use it to communicate directly with your lawyer.

We ensure you will be able to speak directly with your lawyer when needed. You will have their mobile number and email address. For easier communication, you can message them directly through the portal. 

We can help you secure a comprehensive title insurance policy to protect your home, family and financial well-being. We can help protect you from potential title defects that could prevent you from selling your home in the future. We can also check if there are any existing liens or encroachment issues that require your attention.

We provide a free no obligation purchase review to all home buyers. The purchase review is a great way to obtain insight and add value to your closing. It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes go over your agreement, especially from a lawyer. We’ll not only review your draft agreement but also make recommendations that protect you, your purchase, and financial well-being.

Real Estate Lawyers For All Your Property Needs

Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga - Navigating the intricate world of real estate can be a tricky and at times overwhelming process whether you’re aspiring towards first-time home ownership or already have a few titles under your belt. There are many fine details that the average buyer may not be aware of, but with the expertise of a strong legal professional, you can rest easy knowing you’re making all the right choices as you work your way through the paperwork.

As your Real Estate Lawyers in Mississauga, we have attorneys ready to guide you through your closing needs. Our Closing Centre on Burnhamthorpe road just south of Hurontario Street is easily accessible by transit, and we can be reached by e-mail, phone or by visiting us at your convenience. 

Our team can help you along the entire process. We ensure you enter your agreement with a thorough understanding of what to expect during your real estate transaction and our attorneys are eager to provide their expertise. We will also conduct the necessary title searched, review and execute your final closing documents while assuring all tax liens have been paid, giving you the utmost peace of mind.

In addition to assisting clients with a purchase or sale, if you’re interested in refinancing your home to either improve your interest rate, reduce debt or consolidate your payments, we’re ready to help you meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We pride ourselves in our willingness to go above and beyond the status quo and provide you with the best real estate client experience in the Greater Toronto Area, offering expert legal advice tailored to you and your schedule. Whenever you’re ready, your new real estate lawyer in Mississauga is ready to give you the HCF advantage!


Review purchase agreement
Address title issues
Execute closing documents
Register Transfer

What does a
Real Estate Attorney really do?

Review status certificate
Conduct execution search
Obtain tax certificate
Conduct title search
Register mortgage
Obtain title insurance
Produce final report
Ensure back taxes and liens are paid

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Our team takes pride in their unique ability to effectively assess the needs of every client that calls in an efficient and timely manner. We'll help provide you with the with the knowledge and resources you require to make well informed decisions. We understand that the paperwork involved with a real estate transaction can be a hassle, but with our attorneys on your side, you’ll be on your new to home ownership in no time.

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